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Unger Atelier: timeless elegance

An exclusive line which has managed to combine modern with traditional, exceeding styles and trends

If you're not happy with current styles and trends, Unger Atelier has has just the line for you. You, who wants to stand out in style and elegance, on important occasions as in everyday life. Unger Atelier is the latest addition to the Unger Collection and has been designed by Maria Pia Rossi. Her pieces are free of constricting bonds and reflect her creative explosion. Pieces have no season. Creations selected to be part of the Atelier collection haven't been designed to sell large numbers, but rather to amaze and create wonder. Machined and interwoven glass and resins form large twisted necklaces and extraordinary art deco bracelets. The use of particular materials and unusual colored crystals creating surprisingly elegant effects. The colors don't blatantly follow fashion, but rather interpret it with refined and unusual harmonies. All the fashion jewels are made with artisanal care in the Milan design studio, where everything is entirely made by hand by trained and experienced personnel.

Unger Atelier isn't just a collection ... it's an experience ... the chance wear a unique accessory ... the perfect combination of modern and traditional in timeless elegance.

“Do not quench your inspiration and your imagination; do not become the slave of your model.”

Vincent Van Gogh